I cannot speak highly enough about the food in Italy and I love Ligurian food because it’s more familiar to me than some of the other regions.  Every region or municipality, town or village has it’s own recipes and historic ways of preparing food.  This sometimes depends on the availability of ingredients or the geographic nature of the region or maybe even its climate, regardless it always tastes fantastic.  Some of the many dishes I enjoyed in Genoa were: pesto (obviously), focaccia, farinata, polpettone genovese, verdure ripiene (stuffed vegetables) and torte salate (savoury pies).  There are so many variations on just this small list that I could write a few books but for now I will focus on Polpettone Genovese made with string beans and new potatoes.

It’s basically a vegetarian meatloaf, made with fresh summer green beans, new potatoes, eggs, bread crumbs, parmesan and ricotta cheese and salt, pepper, marjoram to season.  Its easy to make and can be eaten warm, room temp or cold.  It makes a wonderful snack and great to take on picnics to have with a salad or fresh bread.  If you would like a recipe, do not hesitate to email me at sinatras@rogers.com and ask as I would love to share my go-to version brought back from Genoa.

Ligurian Food

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